had it with lamb burgers and rice at the lake this weekend. a delicious surprise from this columbia river gorge area winery. we picked this bottle up on our last trip (geesh, last year) to washington/oregon to wander around the area with michele. unfortunately, the winemaker of wind river cellars was somewhat snotty when michele mentioned that she was about to plant some grapes in clark county. I’m not sure if I remember exactly what he said, but it was something about her better off doing raisins instead of wine. can’t wait till she takes that guy a bottle of her finest. anyways, tempranillo is not a grape you see much here in the states – more common in spain, of course – and this was fantastic with bold fruit and a little oak. I don’t remember the price, but their 2004 vintage sells for $28.

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  1. Michele

    Oh, I remember exactly what he said — forget making wine, just plant Christmas trees. What an a**. But I suppose he had a point, the dream of making wine and the reality of making wine, are two different things. It’s basically a lot of hard work and very little glamour. I’m sure he gets tired of starry eyed types dreaming of owning a vineyard, when day after day he’s busting his hump not to lose it all. But I’m still looking forward to showing him he was wrong! 😛


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